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Jiazazhi 假杂志

Jiazazhi, is a institute on photo art publishing, devoting to exploring the possibilities of photo work presentation off the wall. Our practices include blogzine, publishing project, distributing project, quarterly magazine.

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Imageless Studio 无像

Imageless is devoted to promoting photography culture and excellent young photographers, planning and publishing independent publications, sharing excellent photography publications from all over the world, organizing photography exhibitions, as well as holding public education projects, professional photographic trainings, and international art communication activities regularly.

Imageless is based in Wuxi, China.


La Maison de Z 真姨书房

La Maison de Z is an on-going project focusing on Chinese contemporary photography and independent publications. Using publishing as a way of research which explore the intricate relationship between realities and memories, La Maison de Z was founded by French-Chinese artist Zhen Shi in 2015 and start to publish their own editions in 2018, the project allows a growing audience discover the most recent works of emerging Chinese artists.


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